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Vesta Abel is a handwriting Analysis Expert and Mentor. She has been studying handwriting analysis since the 1960’s and used it when hiring employees for her own companies. She now combines both her love of teaching arts and crafts and handwriting analysis to help improve the lives of others. She has an insatiable love of travel as well and wants to add this third element to her skills by teaching both subjects World-Wide! She recently gave speeches at an International Handwriting Analysis and Life Design Conference in Las Vegas, Nevada and Pune, India.

I offer a handwriting 101 Class for the special price of $195. that you can take online at your own convenience. You will learn the basics of how to analyze handwriting to learn more about yourself, family, friends or clients.

Comments from students:

“Vesta’s in depth analysis of my handwriting blew me away.  I’m a skeptic at heart but she really nailed the key parts of my personality and made me a believer.  I have begun my 21 day writing assignment to change a communication problem I wasn’t conscious of.  I know this is just the beginning of a shift that will save me from a lot of heartache.  I am looking forward to transforming my life and becoming the happy and fulfilled person I know I can be.”
Becky Zimmerman,  Becky/Zimm Design


“I arrived for my assessment knowing next to nothing about handwriting analysis, and came away full of curiosity and an eagerness to learn more.  It was eye-opening to find out how much of my personality and behavior a trained person could discern from a few pages of blue ink.  I’ve begun the first series of 21-day exercises and I’m looking forward to seeing where it leads me.”
Adam Fleishman, Photograper/Travel writer specialist.


Are you in the right job or relationship? Learn more about your strengths and weaknesses and how to overcome them.


I can do a quick Analysis (15 minutes) that finds the one trait you need to change to make a significant impact on your life for $50.


For $75. you will receive a 30-minute phone call with an interpretation of your handwriting.

Copy the paragraph below and sign it. Please write in cursive even if you normally print. Also write on unlined paper. You can then send by mail or email a photo to vestaabel@gmail.com


Let me analyze your handwriting to see what might be holding you back from achieving your dreams!

Does your handwriting indicate you have a temper?

By Vesta Abel

Everybody blows a gasket once in a while, it’s probably even healthy rather than keep your anger bottled up inside doing both physical and emotional damage. You might not have this trait at all.

However, you might want to scan someone else’s handwriting if you are in charge of hiring for a job or considering a life partner to see if this trait shows up a lot. Shown by a t-bar that is crossed predominantly on the right of the stem. Try to get a few pages to see if this really does appear say 8 out of 10 times. The more it occurs, the easier they get irritated and lose control of their emotions!

Once in a while is not evidence of an out of control individual. The t-bar will not only be on the right but might also end with a sharp point. Add sarcasm to the mix! Might yell at a driver that cuts him/her off in traffic. Road rage anyone?

IMG_2304 2

The more you learn about graphology, the more likely you can guess what the person’s handwriting will reveal.

You wouldn’t want to hire someone with this trait if you need them to remain calm, cool and collected at all times. This does not mean this person might not have many great qualities and even be a genius, in fact it may be the reason they have a temper in the first place! Why isn’t everyone as smart as they are?

In any relationship expect them to be easily excitable, if combined with with a heavy right slant, they will blow up quickly when under stress.

If you spot this trait in your own handwriting and want to change it, begin by writing the letter ( T ) over and over and cross it evenly on both sides of the stem (preferably at the top.) Do this every day for the next 30 days straight and see if you and others see a difference it your behaviour! This only works if you practice this every day! If you forget a day, you have to start all over. Good luck with this powerful, positive change!

Does your handwriting show you have a sense of humor?

By Vesta Abel

A sense of humor is a must to navigate the choppy waters of everyday life and definitely makes it more fun. We see this trait with a wavy T-Bar or flourishing wavy beginning stroke in word patterns like in example #1.


IMG_2300 2

Example #1

This person has a silly sense of humor and can become witty if the stroke ends with a sharp point (sarcastic) or angle (analytical).

IMG_2301 2

example #2

Studies have shown that Creative people often have messy handwriting because their brains are working faster than their hands can write.

Eddie Murphy’s signature in example #2 clearly shows just that! He is notorious for his rapid fire delivery. The fluidity and figure 8’s Show his creativity and ability to speak well and keep the momentum going with never a dull moment! The pointy ends on his capital M and Y indicates he can be sarcastic as well as a super fast thinker.

When we see pointy m’s we also know the writer is analytical as well as fast at grasping the situation. How often do you wish you had thought of a clever comeback that didn’t come until hours later or not at all?

IMG_2302 2

Example #3

There are many different types of comedians. George Carlin was one of the greats, (example #3) you can see the same fluidity in his signature as you do Eddie’s, however his looped L in Carlin reaches up high into the philosophical zone!

Funny people think outside the box, so they are often creative in other ways too.

IMG_2303 2

Example #4

Richard Pryor (example #4) shows the same fluidity as the others but notice you can’t read any of them? Comedians often come from very painful backgrounds and being funny was a way to get attention and win friends.

If you’d like to add a little humor to your thinking, try practicing these wavy T-Bars yourself! Remember, you have to write rows of them everyday for 30 days or so till the new behavior kicks in, but don’t be surprised if people don’t start seeing you as the life of the party!

Does your handwriting show that you are a comprehensive thinker?

By Vesta AbelIMG_2306 2Example #1

As we can see by the first example the tops of the letters are razor sharp as well as the bottom formations in the letters m, n, r, and h. These people have lightning-fast minds that are able to size up situations and people instantly.

They are curious, impatient, intelligent and usually in a hurry. They are extremely curious and analytical. Slow talkers drive them up the wall! They like to hurry up and get things done NOW!


Of course when analyzing a handwriting you have to look at all the traits to to see what might intensify or dilute these traits. A slash for an i-dot  (example #2) will intensify, and a ( m ) with a rounded first hump will slow down the hunch for another look at the situation.

IMG_2307 2

Example #2

It is interesting to note that this stroke is taught as part of the handwriting learning process in Germany. A child who doesn’t seem to study and yet appears to excel whenever he/she wishes may have this type of thinking. They can be smart troublemakers though, they get bored waiting for slower thinking students to catch up!

IMG_2308 2

Example #3

The tallness of the strokes shown in example #3 shows a great interest in philosophical subjects.


People ask about Donald Trump’s “saw blade” like signature. (Examples #4 & 5)

IMG_2309 2

Example #4


All the above describes his thinking pattern, however, I never conclude anything on signature alone as this is how the writer presents him/herself to world. The body of their other writing will tell us much more as does Example #5.


Example #5


The huge letter ( i ) shows his independant self confidence in himself. He seems to prefer a bold, heavy pen. I still prefer cursive writing to see more details that are not present in this block style printing with few upper and lower strokes. I see softer traits in the body of writing than I do in the signature. The M’s and N’s are still quite sharp. Much of it looks like it has a perfectly straight baseline, (perfectionist). If this sample was written with a Sharpie pen, you might see heavy dots and smudges that hinder the analysis. That is why you need lots of samples written

with a ballpoint pen. His signature is the most extreme example of a comprehensive thinker I have ever seen. For those of you who are studying graphology, can you see many of the differences between examples #3 & #5?

I discuss handwriting on,

THE BUZZ radio show below!



What does your Handwriting

reveal about your self-confidence?

Your handwriting can actually reveal quite a number of personality traits essential to success. Besides spotting your level of self-confidence, handwriting experts can see deep seeded fears, unconscious anger, and even self -sabotaging habits. Handwriting is actually “brain writing”. The adults handwriting is formed from your unconscious mind…giving an expert a glimpse into your thoughts.

From the time you first began to form letters on paper as a child, you were building neural pathways in the brain. These pathways help form the subtle difference between your own script and your neighbors. Handwriting Analysis is a fascinating science that has very practical applications for both business owners and personal growth. Many companies use it to save time and money when hiring “just the right person” for a particular job. Obviously, if you need a sales person who can close a multi-million dollar deal, you need someone who has a high self-esteem, the ability to handle rejection and communicate well with others.

For a “Rock Star” sales person, I would look for a writer with high-crossed t-bars and a large bold signature. They must have a high crossed t-bar which indicates

high goals and ability to plan ahead. Those who write tiny however would want to apply for the accounting position or a research job that requires a high level of concentration. These people

excel when it comes to detail work, particularly if they dot every “i” close to the stem.

It takes all kinds of personalities to keep a Corporation running smoothly and be competitive. All the more reason to hire “right” in the first place.

Vesta Abel is a certified Handwriting Expert and Authorized Trainer

for Handwriting University International.

Analyzing the handwriting of a business’ team members can have profound effects on the success and efficiency of that business overall.

Call Vesta at 520 450-9682 to schedule a consultation to see how she can benefit your organization. e-mail: VestaAbel@gmail.com



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