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5-Way Shawls

These 5~ Way Shawls are perfect for travel, just keep the gift bag in your purse or luggage to take the chill off in a Restaurant or theater. Lightweight yet warm, wear them in a multitude of different ways. These make great gifts for family and friends! Dress them up with a clip on Pendant!…

Copper Wish Box How to Book

My new book “COPPER WISH BOX” is now available at Amazon.com for $2.99, it shows step by step how to create a hand tooled copper box designed by YOU!  

Beaded Amulet Necklace How to Book

My new book “Beaded Amulet Necklaces” is available on AMAZON.COM Learn how to easily make these fun Amulet necklaces in under 2 hours. This book shows you step by step with easy to follow pictures and text! Only $2.99