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Vesta Abel has over 40 years experience in the craft world. She created her own multi million dollar a year business selling a line of art supplies to Michael’s, JoAnn Fabrics and Crafts, Hobby Lobby, Crafts Etc., and many more.
Vesta has written and submitted projects for Art Magazines and created unique products for the craft industry and is currently writing a book about a QuickCure Clay that is about to take the craft market by storm! Super strong and does not require a kiln…truly revolutionary! Sign up at Star Bear Studio for one of her classes which also includes a quick handwriting analysis to see your strengths and weakness and how to change them if necessary.

She is a Author of books on crafting including the best seller RUBBER STAMP EXTRAVAGANZA. She has ebooks available currently on Amazon.com



Vesta Abel is a handwriting Analysis Expert and Mentor. She has been studying graphology since the 1960’s and used it when hiring employees for her own companies. She now combines both her love of teaching arts and crafts and handwriting analysis to help improve the lives of others. She has an insatiable love of travel as well and wants to add this third element to her teaching skills by teaching both subjects on Cruises and Art Retreats World-Wide. 

Call me about speaking to your group or organization at 520 450-9682


Vesta Abel, Certified Handwriting Analyst & Mentor



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