Mexico City musings

I decided last year to start “slow traveling” the world, deep down I felt the urge to go…I trust this inner voice! 

 I have always liked to “see for myself” and not believe in propaganda…travel does that to you if you are open… a sweet experience happened to me while in Mexico City. I went for a walk and on my way back, could not find my apartment. I saw a young policeman leaning against a wall and showed him the address on my phone. He started to walk me in a direction when a police car came up behind us with 2 officers inside. He asked the driver his opinion. I offered if they could point me to the bakery nearby I could find my apartment from there. To my surprise, they said they would drive me there! The second officer got out and got in the back insisting I get in the front! On the way I spotted my apartment and they took me directly there! A beautiful experience I will never forget. When you walk in peace…amazing things happen! 

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